Installation of the RE Powered SwitchStand Module

Kit you assemble $25 - Completely assembled $35
The steps are few and simple.
1. locate the center of your 1 inch spade bit centered between the fixed tie and the throw
rod tie (the moveable points connector) and 5/8ths inch from the edge of the ties. Drill 1" hole

2. Attach the two stock rail wires to the two outside positions (solder dab) on the frog plate
Attach the frog wire to the center tab position on the plate.

3. Insert the module from the bottom, switch stand first up through the 1" hole. (snug fit)Position
the stand with target half way from straight to turned. Dab of white glue once in place.

4. hook the throw rod into the little crank at the bottom of the switch stand laying alongside
the throw bar of the turnout. Drill a .040 (or .039 or .038) in the throw bar right along side
the bent over and up end of the throw rod. Glue long tie additions in place.

5. Hook the two power wires on the servo motor, one to the common and the other to the
switch and then the other power wire. The switch has two diodes on it to route servo direction.

Railway has a perfect 2.5 volt AC wall wart that will power these motors for you. $10. Simplest way to wire these machines. One wall wart runs them all. We also have the toggle switches ($2) with diodes on them. Just two wires (lamp cord) runs all around your RR to power the modules.

-Stephen Hatch (alias trackman)

Working hard on the RailRoad

A video of the new module at work

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