The Narrow Gauge Modelers Association

The Narrow Gauge Modelers Association (NGMA) is an organization formed to encourage interest and activity in narrow gauge modeling, and to provide accurate information, data and plans to those who are interested in modeling, operating and recreating narrow gauge trains and equipment.
To inteligently coordinate the interests and information of like minded narrow gauge enthusiasts.
To gather data on the many narrow gauge rr's that existed. To set accurate and workable standards to improve the performance of Narrow Gauge Models.
To make the skills and supplies readily obtainable by narrow gauge modelers.
To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and techniques to accomplish these goals. To provide web space for the display of narrow gauge models and their builders.

The NGMA publishes a web newsletter and holds annual conventions once a year at various locations relative to narrow gauge railroads. .

Dues are $24 for the membership year ending December 31, 2003. This includes a $4 donation to the NGMA news/letter fund. Members joining after the first of the year will recieve a reduced fee based on the portion of the year unused and all membership renewals will be due at the same time each January 1st. of each succeding year. Newsletters are available as an e-mail to your box.

The 2003 convention will be held in Occidental California featuring the right-of-way from Bodega Bay to the town of Occidental with Special emphasis on the tunnel and it's approaches.
Details will be listed when they are available.

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