Proto 87 Turnouts

by Railway Engineering

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... Proto87 number 8 frog turnouts attached to pc ties
... They hold their gauge better than plastic turnouts
... Smooth hand made trackwork with ACCURATE frogs
Available with wooden ties attached.
Easier to install then plastic turnouts
Perfect alignment from closure rails across the frog.
Equipment does NOT jog and bump.
Super smooth .023 (twenty three thousandths) frog flangeways.
Correctly tapered gaurd rails ... with correct check gauge
Number 8 frogs in:
code 70 115 lb. rail
code 83 130 lb. rail
Gracefull closure rails that give equipment a gracefull look through turnouts.
... Code 70 switch points that mate snug with the stock rails
Very fine ground code 83 switch points. Wheels don't pick here.

#8 P87 HO code83 $30.00
#8 P87 HO code70 $30.00
Wood ties added _$ 10.00
Pre weathered ___$ 3.00
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