Bibliography of material containing information on the history of the NORTH PACIFIC COAST RAILROAD ( later North Shore and finally a part of the Northwestern Pacific). Compiled by Boone Morrison begining in 1994, latest update 7/10/96. Note: this bibliography is a work in progress and the author would greatly appreciate any information which should be added to this list. You may E-mail to: Books entirely devoted to the North Pacific Coast (North Shore) Dickenson, A. Bray , with Ted Wurm, Al Graves & Roy Graves Narrow Gauge to the Redwoods: Trans-Anglo Books, 2nd (revised) edition 1973 Books with one or more chapters on the subject: Demoro, Harre W., Electric Railway Pioneer, Commuting on the Northwestern Pacific, 1903-1941, Interurbans Special 84 (Glendale, CA: Interurban Press, 1983 ) 127 pp. (This is primarily a history of the standard gauge electric operations of the North Shore and Northwestern Pacific. But, includes information on the NS predecessor North Pacific Coast's narrow gauge lines.) Kness, Gilbert H. Redwood Railways Howell-North, Berkeley, CA 1956 Shaw, Fredric , Fisher, Clement Jr.& Harlan, George Oil Lamps and Iron Ponies Bay Books, San Francisco, CA, 1949 Stindt, Fred A., Trains to the Russian River ( 5th Printing; Kelseyville, CA : Fred Stint, 1988) 80 pp. (available through NWPRR Historical Society) Stindt, Fred A. The Northwestern Pacific Railroad: Published by Fred A. Stindt, 1964 Books with material related to the subject: (this could be a far longer list but I will keep it limited) Kemble, John Haskell: San Francisco Bay, a Pictorial Maritime History Bonanze Books, New York, 1957 (excellent material on SF Bay and the bay and coasting craft) Newell, Gordon & Williamson, Joe Pacific Lumber Ships Bonanza Books, NY, 1960 (material related to Saucelio & SF bay, types of ships, dock scenes, etc.) NPC/Nortwestern Pacific bibliog list: page 2 complied by Boone Morrison, 1994, latest update 7/11/96 Bonnett, Wayne: A Pacific Legacy: A Century of Maritime Photography Chronical Books, San Francisco, 1991 (wonderful photos of ships, docks and their surroundings 1850-1950) Andrews, Ralph Redwood Classic:, This Was Sawmilling: Schiffer Publishing, 1985 (both titles have a few pix each of the mills at the Russian River which were served by NPC and the general subject is typical) Wurm, Ted & Graves, Alvin C, The Crookedest Railroad in the World Academy Library Guild, Fresno, CA 1949 (has been re-printed) (specific about the scenic railroad which met the NPC in Mill Valley) MacGregorBruce A. Narrow Gauge Portrait, South Pacific Coast Glenwood Publishers, Felton, CA 1975 (much equipment is similar, or the same as NPC, including the Carter Co. flat/vent box/pssgr cars which eventually ended up on the NPC, the West Side, Nevada County Narrow Gauge and eventually some to Hawaii ) (note: there is other book by Mac Gregor on the SPC that I have not seen but assume it is also a great source of similar equipment) Periodicals and Occasional Publications: (this list is likely very incomplete. Additions would be welcomed) The Western Railroader: Borden, Stanley "History and Rosters of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad and Predecessor Lines", Vol 12-no6, number 115, April, 1949 Sievers, Walt: "The North Pacific Coast Railroad", Vol #29, No.10, issue number 321, October, 1966 Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette: Wurm, Ted; "Freight Operations of the North Pacific Coast RR" (May/June '83) (map, plans of "Millwood" & caboose #5591, text) LeVay, Craig S; "The Sonoma Magnasite Railroad" (Sept/Oct '92) Railroad Model Craftsman: Vail, Jim; "Ghosts of the Pacific Coast, The North Pacific Coast" (2/94) "Ghosts of the Pacific Coast, The South Pacific Coast" (3/94) Schamberg, Gregory; "The San Geranimo Station" (plans) (2/94) Darr, Herman; "The Carter Bros 28' Narrow Gauge Boxcar" (plans, text) (3/94) NPC/Nortwestern Pacific bibliog list: page 3 complied by Boone Morrison, 1994, latest update 7/11/96 Belvedere-Tiburon Landmarks Society (occasional publications) No Author noted: "Railroad Days in Old Tiburon", (pub 1961) No Author noted: "Glimpses of Belvedere & Tiburon" (pub 1964) (both have nice old photos & some refference to NPC) San Rafael Independant Journal newspaper: Dickenson, Bray "Narrow Gauge to the Redwoods" A serialization of the later book. Column began in January of 1958 and continued for 8 installments. Dickenson died after two installments were printed. Has some differences from the book as well as a number of photographs not published elsewhere Note: If you are seeking to add one of the above titles to your personal library I can strongly reccommend Mr. Gary Altschuler, Box 274, Convent Station, New Jersey, 07961. He has been extremely succesful in locating out of print titles for me.