Caboose/Waycar Information

by Doug Heitkamp

I have a copy of a letter that you should find interesting. It reads: >The Denver, Leadville & Gunnison Ry. Co. >Denver Colo. Jany. 26th, 1895 >T.F.Dunaway >Genl. Supt. >Dear Sir, >I send you herewith an inventory of tools & c. carried in our cabooses, >combination cars and baggage cars, on hand Dec. 31st. 1894, as requested >in your letter of Dec 31st. last. >Very truly, >H. Rainey >Supt. equipment found in a number of cabooses, Here is the listing for D.L.& G. Caboose #1514 1 axe 2 brackets for tail lamps 1 pinch bar 6 brasses 1 broom 1 water bucket 2 tail lamp burners 1 switch chain 1 chair 1 one gallon oil can 1 two gallon oil can 1 water cooler 1 hose coupling 1 drinking cup 2 coupling sticks 1 fire shovel 3 snow shovels 12 torpedoes 1 lamp trimmer 2 pounds waste 1 red flag 1 lamp filler 1 incline frog 1 wrecking frog 1 white globe 1 red globe 1 hatchet 1 hammer 6 hose 1 packing hook 1 jack 6 draw head keys 2 tail lamps 1 brass side lamp 1 red lantern 3 white lanterns 6 coupling links 12 coupling pins 1 poker 1 monkey wrench If you could just fit all this stuff inside your next caboose model, it would be quite impressive. I realize that this listing is for a D.L.& G. caboose, but I would bet that you could find most, if not all of the items listed, in a So. Park caboose. It is thought that D.L.& G. #1514 was D.S.P.& P. #76. For those who are not aware of it, Derrell Poole wrote a three part article on The History of Colorado & Southern Cabooses that was published in the Sept 95, Nov 95, and Jan 96 issues of Outdoor Railroader. The first two articles cover D.S.P.& P. equipment. This is also where you can find "copies" of Derrells waycar and caboose plans that were mentioned by Jerry Kitts in an earlier post. Five different versions are shown as well as a caboose numbering list (estimated) covering the years 1885 - 1895. Call Russ Reinberg at Finescale (Outdoor) Railroader for back issues. That should do it for now. Doug Heitkamp