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Sumpter Valley photos? by Bill Uffelman
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Summer 1954 "Bourne mountans" Bin storing grain?

Sumpter Valley photos posted by George Sebastian Coleman
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Reefer car Door close-up Corner pocket

Greg Kazel Como Roundhouse Photos

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COMO25C 1902 interior view of the Como Roundhouse, by George Champion. This is one of only two known interior photos, and shows the machine shop area in the stone section of the roundhouse. A locomotive is visible inside the building behind the three men: Max Dunbar, ? , and Jim Delaney, who are standing behind the large lathe.
COMO59E "#518, A SCENE AT THE DSP&P ROUNDHOUSE, COMO COLORADO" is writen on this 1885 photo by George E. Mellen. [this photo has been repaired]

COMO60A This 1898 photo from the Coel-Speas collection was taken from atop a coal car on the coaling tower. In the foreground are the blacksmith shop and sand houses, the coal car used as the platform, and to the right, the ash pit and motive power. The stone boiler house is on the left at the back of the stone section. The first, 8 bay, wooden addition is visible with its light colored roof and large windows in the doors. The second, 5 bay, wooden addition has the darker roof and windowless doors. To the far right, the corner of the stone tenement house is visible.

COMO6B This photo of Como and the Roundhouse and yards was taken from the hill behind town August 1, 1910. The wooden additions have been re-roofed to appear as a single 13 bay addition. The stone section only has two engine vents on it as bays 1-4 were converted to machine shops (see interior view). Note also the other structures around the roundhouse, and the cars in the yards (such as the large derrick on the left). A couple notes on the town: In the foreground is a row of 7 (nearly) identical houses which were moved from King when the town was abandoned. This was known as King's Row. Just above them a square white house is visible next to the empty corner lot...compare this to the 1919 town photo of Como...you will notice the white square house was moved to the corner (I have verified it was actually moved!).

COMO44b Town View This photo was taken about 1919 and shows the roundhouse with the additions appearing to be under demolition. Notice engine stacks have been put back on the stone section, and they are knocked down/off the wooden additions. It is at this time that the smaller three stall addition was built to cover the ready track and rotary snowplow. The coaling tower is to the right, and the stone tenement house behind.
COMO47b End view of Coaling Tower. July 31, 1938 photo by Richard Kindig. Note the water tank in the background. Como had two tanks, this one, and the one directly behind the roundhouse.
COMO91a Coaling Tower. July 31, 1938 photo by Richard Kindig.

Todd Hackett Coal Dock Photos

From: ToddHackett
Subject: C&S coal chutes

A letter from William Meredith about a month ago speculated about how Jim Powers got dimensions for the covered part of the coal dock at Como. One of his sources was one of my drawings. My sources were a 1930 folio sheet that I got from Mike Trent (I believe he got it from Hol Wagner) and some photos from various sources. The folio shows a 111-foot long ramp (from the first bent to the coal chutes, not including the first part of the ramp, which was on fill), 60-fool long coal chutes and a 65-foot extension past the chutes (these dimensions are written on the sheet, not scaled from the drawing). The end view on the folio appears to be based on the drawings of the Pitkin coal dock, with a shed sketched in. The C&S had a detailed drawing of the Pitkin chutes, which Elwood Bell was able to get copies of (these formed the basis for Joe Crea's published drawings), but photographs indicate that the construction of the Como dock was completely different. In fact, the Como dock is a completely different construction than all of the other C&S coal docks. The shed appears to be an integral component, not a later addition. The folio sheet stated the following:

"Construction: Frame Trestle with 10 Bunkers or Pockets
Estimated Capacity: 60 Tons
Fire Protection: Barrels & Buckets"

Photos of the coal dock taken by George Champion and Dick Kindig. These came from Greg Kazel. He has been collecting Como-related photos for about 15 years (since his family bought the Como roundhouse), and has a vast collection. I drew the Como and Dickey (2-sided 12 chute) coal docks in 1985 based on the C&S drawings from Elwood Bell and photographs. I revised much of the Como drawing after I saw the Kindig pictures, but I never finished it. See pg. 19 of the Nov/Dec 1987 Gazette for the Dickey coal dock I built from these plans. In addition to Jim Powers' model, Jim Wild built an Sn3 model of the Como coal dock based (loosely) on these plans. Todd Hackett - Lakewood, Colorado

The Romley Bridge

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