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Railway Custom Track
All our turnouts are attached to PC ties (printed circuit) and are already insulated. Do not remove these ties. They will hold the turnout in gauge for many years without trouble. Place your own wood ties in between these PC ties or order turnouts with wood ties attached.
We Do Custom Track-Work
You Draw It - - We Build It
Try painting your ties and rail with a weathered roof brown. This comes closer to Prototype rail color than most and will blend all your solder joints and make them disappear. A little weathering, and you have some very realistic track that will operate well.

Railway Dual Gauge Turnouts
H-Hn3 Dual Gauge in code 55 only ........ $ 49.95
S-Sn3 Dual Gauge in code 70 only ........ $ 59.95
O-On3 Dual Gauge in code 83/100 ......... $ 79.95

#1 Right rail Right Hand Turnout #2 Right rail Left Hand Turnout
#3 Left rail Right Hand Turnout #4 Left rail Left Hand Turnout

Threeway stub turnouts $49.95