-Decoder Pro exploration-

    Date: Mon Mar 3, 2008 10:25 am
    Subject: DecoderPro

      DecoderPro only works with a computer with a serial Hookup.
      Decoder Pro talk group

      you need a USB/locobuffer cable adapter to Digitrax loco net
      Or a Keyspan USB/DB9 cable adapter for NCE

      Here's what you need:
    1. USB Locobuffer for Digitrax

    2. a booster for sound decoders (Tsunami QSI etc.)

    3. latest copy of Java _____

    4. Download JMRI Decoder Pro

    You can download the java and the DP (both free)and install them on your machine without a buffer.
    Then just set the decoderpro to loconet simulator and it will let you play in there and learn the program.
    You just click edit on the front screen and then preferences. Up comes a second screen with choices of
    how to hook up.Just pick Loconet simulator. Then exit and re-enter and it will be set for simulator.
    It just won't write the locos you enter and save them. But you can explore all the cv pages and settings
    ..and even change them it just won't save them when you exit decoder pro.

    I have it on my XP machine and on my Vista machine.
    The cable had a software CD for the XP machine.
    I had to download the software for the USB/Vista interface
    but it went smoothly and now works on either.

    Download and install newest Java code.
    Download and install (or CD for XP) USB/Vista software
    Download and install JMRI Decoder Pro
    _____ It's nice because the JMRI finds the USB port and lists
    it as an option to hook to if you loaded the cable first.
    The cable software has you install it first Then plug in the cable.
    I'm still waiting for the booster to program Tsunamis
    but I'm sure it will work just fine.
    It will work with your Zepher and give you another throttle
    on your computer. Is that cool? or what.

-Stephen Hatch
First press the Edit and click on
you get the setup page
Then select Loconet simulator.
on setup page
Then press Save and exit.
Now open Decoder Pro again
it will set up as simulator and let you get in

Up comes the DecoderPro page
This time press
Service Mode(programming Track) Programmer
This takes you to the next page
The Decoder type page
will come up
I scroll down to
Throttle-Up (SoundTraxx)
clicked it and scroll
to Tsunami Clicked it
and scrolled to medium Steam
....Clicked it

don't click read type
because there is no
decoder actually.
(Later on when you have
a loco on the track
hooked up....you click
Read type from decoder
and Ident)

Then clicked Open Programmer
... finally
I got this next page..........
Finally we have a page that lets us identify the loco we're checking
and shows all the choices across the top. Each one of those buttons
across the top will give different cv's to change and do all sorts of
things to the loco.
Explore and have fun
-Stephen Hatch