Throttle must be plugged in
 1.    Acquire first loco number on RIGHT throttle
	  (loco's number like 3044)
         run it forward a little bit.(1 inch or so)

 2.    Acquire Next loco number on LEFT throttle
	   (example 3010 facing either way)
	 run it up behind first loco
           (this sets 3010 direction the same as 3044)

 3.    Press MU key   (top row 2nd key)

 4.    Press Y + key  (adds 3010 to consist #3044)
		(they are now consisted)

	   repeat 2-3-4  untill finished adding locos

Turn on headlight on first(3044) and last loco 

Dispatch left and right throttle.   YOUR DONE
Consist #3044 is ready for any throttle to acquire and run

	left or right knob press down once (click)
	Press LOCO  key   (top row 3rd key)
	Punch in loco number
	Press LOCO  key again 

 DISPATCH LOCO (or consist)
	left or right knob press down once (click)
	Press LOCO  key
	Press DISP  key    (3rd row 1st key)

 DROPPING ANY LOCO from a consist
	       (throttle plugged in)
	Put Loco's number on the LEFT throttle.....
	Press MU key then N - (minus) Loco is dropped

 You can acquire, consist, drop, and dispatch while
	  other trains are running on the Railroad.

   -Stephen Hatch
   -Railway Engineering


(not recommended unless you are familiar with programing)

1.    Program a consist number (anything from 1 to 127)
      in CV 19 of all the loco's you wish consisted.
      ADD 128 plus consist number (1-127) for loco
	to run backward (128+1) (129) in CV 19
	all locos with consist number in cv19 will run.

If this is accidentally done in PG mode, none of the locos
on the RR will respond to their number. They will all run
as the consist number instead.

2.     Acquire consist number (1-127) in LEFT throttle
	and lead loco (3044) on RIGHT throttle.

3.	press MU then press +

#3044 will now run all the locos with 1 or 129 in CV 19.
All decoders must have consist capability.

	To drop locos, program a 0 (zero) in cv 19

	-Stephen Hatch