Installing Motor and NWSL gears in an MDC 280

An MDC 2-8-0 with a new NWSL transfer gearbox and gearhead motor. The old MDC gears were not used and the NWSL replacement for the original gears were also not used. The NWSL gearbox that I have used has been thinned to fit the width of the gearbox area in the MDC frame. I thinned the gearbox by rubbing it on a large piece of fine sand paper and continual checking to determine the final width of the gearbox. The 2-8-0 frame gear opening needs to be lengthened to take the gerabox. You may need to trim the bottom of the gearbox to ensure a good fit. The gear on the 2-8-0 drive wheel needs to be taken off and the final gear in the gearbox needs to pushed on this axle and the wheel pushed back on and quartered correctly. Do not use any of the original MDC gears. The plastic based plate of the gearbox is not used and instead the original MDC 2-8-0 wheel base plate is used for all wheels. The gearbox is placed over the drive wheel gear and a small hole is drilled in the 2-8-0 frame to the gearbox frame. (The gearbox should have some 'play' on the final gear as if it is too tight it will bind up - but not too much play otherwise the gear will not engage.) One of the screws used to hold the gearbox together is used to hold the gearbox in place. The screw will self tap. Part of the 2-8-0 frame near the axle of the middle gearbox gear may need to be filed away to allow the gear to run freely and not hit the frame The gearhead motor universal and the gearbox universal are put in place and the motor mounted with an epoxy compound. I trust this is clear. Further info on the following email address. Achieves a very smooth running loco. Michael Nott Brisbane Australia