The Carter Cars
Project: Injected styrene HOn3 cars

The basic Carter Ventilated Boxcar $29.95
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The first Packaged Cars
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Read Jim Vail's review in the NG&SL Gazette (mar/apr 99)

Doors ... all three on one shot ...

Ejector Pins and the Carter car floor dies.

27 foot Carter car floors Hey Hey Hey The dies work!.

Door Handles. I engraved the clovers and then put .008 wire. Hard to see it.

Here's the side and end ...

I tried for some close ups so you can see the interior framing of the car.

This is something I've always wanted to do. You can leave the door open and the car half loaded and it will look and photograph right. I got a scale thickness on the walls which is the reason the mold is so tricky to run. Take a look

Floor installed .... ....

The Ventilated Box $29.95

Denise cutting her first mold blanks