Hon3 Model Die Casting 2-8-0
by Norman V Suydam

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This model is a detailed MDC HOn3 outside frame loco. I modified it to look like the C-25 class D&RGW loco # 375. My 'sister' loco, numbered 378, is a what-if the Rio Grande purchased more locos of this class. The basic assembly of the loco followed the MDC instructions but I installed the Patco lowering kit which replaced the cylinder saddle and mounting area below the rear of the cab. This kit also has a deck plate which spans between the loco and tender. I replaced the stock gears with the NWSL replacement kit. This runs fine, however I plan to put a can motor in because the open frame motor is too noisy and I also plan to instal a sound speaker in the tender.
Modifications to the boiler include removing the handrail mounting holes, filling them in and drilling new ones. I used a number of the kit details including the headlight, stack, air tanks and number plate. Brass details include the air pump, sander valves, cooling coils, brake cylinders, bell, generator, check valves, whistle and tool box. Wire detailing was used for sand lines, handrails, deck braces , electrical conduits, steam and air lines, etc. The headlight has an MVP lens included.
Frame modifications include making a new bottom cover plate with a slider attached, a K-28 lead truck, working front couplers and coupler lift bars. The cab had electrical lines placed on the roof, glass for windows and an engineer and firemen. The tender had air and electrical lines installed, a back-up light, ladder, an air tank, drain valve, coal load and re-railers.
Painting the loco followed Jim Vails' Gazette article and formulas. The loco shows a moderate amount of grime with a bit of rust and mud on the lower sides. The sides of the cab and tender are a little darker and glossier than the horizontal surfaces which accumulate grime more. Soot is more prevalent in the areas behind the stack.
This loco has been running for over a decade and I have had NO problems with it. It is a smooth runner and operates very well. I plan to build two other outside frame MDC locos, one similar to this (C-25) and another which looks more like a C-21 class loco.

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