Installing a powered Switch Stand

Step 1. Drill .040 hole in throwbar

Step 2. Hook the double bent rod end into drilled hole from
underneath the tie then pencil a mark to the side of the bent up end of rod.

Step 3. Drill 1/16th hole down through the table .
on pencil mark. Keep it perpendicular

Step 4. Insert 1/16th tube with frog contacts up through hole

Step 5. Trim the tube to be flush on top and plate flush under table.

Step 6. Insert the shaft of the Hand Stand down through the tube.

Step 7. Insert stand all the way down with the throw rod
bent end coming up through the crank hole in the stand

Step 8. Insert the two spikes in the holes in the stand base.

Step 9. Test the handle on the Hand Stand be sure
the switch points throw both directions fully.
Center the points and put piece of masking tape to hold

Step 10. Underneath the table the shaft is sticking straight down

Step 11. Bend the shaft over up to almost flush with the bottom
Be sure it bends between the two contact wipers

Step 12. Insert Mighty Mo's throw rod onto the bent over shaft.
be sure the base of the motor is up against the plate and centered
with the rod reaching across to throw the bent shaft. Put in the two screws.
Your done

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