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There are several ways to blend plastic ties with pc and wood ties. I've been asked how I do mine, Well I used water-based contact glue spread wet and the flex set in it wet with weights, takes about 20 minutes to dry. Sticks REAL good to flex. Then I put pre-stained ties in aliphatic glue. Took about 30 minutes to dry, sanded the tops lightly, re-stained the tops (alchohol and shoe die 2/3 black 1/3 brown) then I took a spray can of Zynolite (Wall-Mart sports gear dept.) called Camo Brown (it's really more grey than brown but the perfect "yuck" color) its flat finish kills the plastic ties not sprayed heavy just lightly from several sides including straight down from over-head. Dries fast so I would spray, wait, look, spray, wait, look, etc. till the sheen was gone. Then one last time, I lightly sprayed the flex and the wood ties (with rail installed) and it all blended together. Be careful though, not too heavy; we're trying to fog not paint. Last, I went back with a rich rust brown (Zynolite) spray can (they are only $1.25) and sprayed from absolutely parallel to the track from the side, just catching the side of the rails. Don't want much of this color on the ties although a little is OK. Then ballasted .... glued with 50/50 yellow-glue and water. Cleaned the rail tops and was sure surprised by the result. It was some of the best looking track and it took about two hours to do about 20 feet. Still have most of the spray cans left for the next sections."
Pictures of the contact glued ballasted 55 flex and wood blend track
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Spline Railroad project in Sn3
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The first flat built for DSP&P livery. Sn3
Sn3 boxcar has great proportions.

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