Greg's Layout Photos

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1) "Close-up" of PBL 461 climbing the low line grade approximately below bridge 46B. The talus is real rock sifted off of a hwy. cut here in Kansas City.
2) Shows 461 crossing bridge 46C on the Ophir high line. This pic. is almost directly above #1. Track separation here is about 20 inches. The rocks here are castings on hardshell and approx. 9-12 inches from the wall, and over the train about 15-18 inches.
3) Another shot of 461 crossing 46C. Somewhat more panoramic. Distance between 46B and C is 19 scale feet. The tried for effect is that the line was blasted from the shelf like the real one. All of these scenes are no more than 36" deep, but very vertical.
4) Another close in shot of 461 just crossing 46B on the highline exiting the cut between bridges 46A and B.
5) Rico and the Pro Patria mill. The handcar shed North of the depot is shown in the foreground. This mill happens to be HO scale, one of two conversions from the days before (Sn3) enlightenment. Also on the flat in front is an HOn3 box car as the load. This is quite a large mill even in the "wrong" scale and the HO version works pretty well. Built from Mike Blazeks plans and descriptions in one of the Gazettes.
6) Looking up at the 5&1/2' plus bridge 46D, from below the low line. Maximum grade separation between tracks occurs at the upper end of this bridge and is approximately 25". This was one of the main goals of the layout was to get this scene to look right.
7) Climbing the low line, again below bridge 46C. The whole "highline" scene is approx. 15 feet long and includes bridges 46A thru D. Just didn't have enough room to get the other two in. Maybe next time.
8) This is another shot of Rico. The Depot was my first scratch building effort after switching to S scale. BTW all of the buildings and bridges are scratch built. I did have a group of 3-4 friends help build the scenery every other Friday nite from about last Nov. thru June, getting ready for the NMRA National convention that was here in July. Rico, while one of two major points, was unfortunately severely compressed. The entire scene is less than 7 feet long.
9) Finally a semi-panoramic scene, standing near the butterfly bridge (not in pic.) and looking up the low line and down the high line. The tail end of 46D is at the right. Grades on both levels are approx. 3%.

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