Railway Engineering Switch Machine

Mighty-Mo "Rotor Motor"

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Installing the switch machine with included throw wire
The Rotor Motor "Mighty-Mo"Switch Machine is designed to install easily underneath the railroad table.
First you drill a small 1/16th inch hole down through the table exactly 1/4th of an inch away from the 1/32nd hole that you drill in the throw bar
(the moveable tie that's attached to the points) ----- Insert 1/16 brass tube in hole till flush. click for picture
Now slip the pre-bent throw-rod (.025 spring steel) down through the hole. Put a piece of masking tape on the rod to hold it down. Bend the rod sticking out the bottom of the table over flat sideways. click for picture Hook the machine loop onto that wire with base of machine (see photos above) up against the protruding wire. Fasten with the screws provided to bottom of table.

Installing a POWERED Hand Standclick here
Installing an ASSEMBLED POWERED Hand Stand Moduleclick here
Hooking Up the Electrical
Mighty-Mo Rotor Motor will run on a Standard DC power-pack.
The speed control on very low setting . . . . 3 volts DC max ...

To power from a standard 12 volt supply you must use an
82ohm 1 watt resistor.... available from Railway Engineering for the asking.
------------------------------ The simplest of all is use two batteries for power...DO NOT USE AC OUTPUT

..............or ............ Hook one wire from the center of your DPDT switch to the two diodes on the Rotor Motor. Hook the motor wire to the common return to the Transformer. That's it your done. A little 3 to 6 volt AC transformer is all you need to power these switch machines. (see diagram below)
Rotor Motor is a "stall motor" type switch machine. For DCC control and hook-up goto:DCC hookup with Stationary Decoders

The easiest method for wiring and operation Two thumbtacks on the facia for contact to the machine.
Each operator is given a double battery (3 volts) control key.
They operate the switch by touching the battery terminals to the tacks.
Turn the battery over and touch the tacks to reverse the turnout.
Hook straight to DCC track
Hookup with SwitchCat decoder
Hook up using 3 volt transformer

Theeway stub switch machine w/Tam DCC Module

Theeway stub switch machine Two Machines