Stephen Hatch
Most of the mainline trackage is Sn3 code 55 rail. Some sidings are code 40. Half of the track is hand laid on wood ties with hand made spikes, and half is 55 flex. Some of the scenery is in and 7 of the 11 bridges are built. The scenery is hard shell with a massive number of home made rock mold castings. There are crossings and a small yard In Gunnison that create enough sidings and storage that trains can be made up here and sent East to Buena Vista. Buena Vista has yard storage and industries that create traffic West to Gunnison. The DSP&P line over the hill, includes a fair amount of switching along the way with additional set outs on the top of the hill at Alpine. Trains both East and West are made up by train orders generated by a computer program that folows practical shipments and orders for goods and deliveries. Five operators can run comfortably on the Railroad at the same time.
_The Railroad is Digitrax DCC with Soundtrax sound in the engines. The DCC makes running this railroad, even for new operators, very smooth and easy. I made no "special" wiring changes I just hooked in the DCC power where the regular power had been hooked up. Since the RR was wired with #14 house wire, it is large enough wire to run 6, 7, 8 locos all at the same time. I am very glad I decided to try DCC. I can't imagine not having it.....and sound to run this railroad.
Pictures Taken in various places around the RR. These pictures are added to on a regular basis.

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Old hand hewn Ties 1880 vintage track

Easy Pine Trees Making trees from branches

An ash pit is born and other sidings

Building a 2-6-0 by RME with DCC sound

Pictures where I live house, front yard, water falls

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